Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stop it Ubuntu. Just...stop.

     It seems that with every release, Ubuntu seems to be getting closer and closer to the dark side...

    Each new release (since Hardy) has brought us darker themes. And the new login screen? Atrocius! It's disgusting! I'm going to go back and show what it was like back in Ubuntu 6.06.

    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS was the first ShipIt CD that I recieved Ubuntu in the mail in. It was absolutely beautiful, the desktop was a chocolate brown, but that was just the background, not the actual themes themselves. And that could easily be changed with the themes that came along with it. Now, I can't include pictures, as I am writing this from school, but trust me, Ubuntu used to have TASTE man.. But then they started this up. Oh god, why?!?

Was it really necessary that we do this? And don't get me started on the login screen. It's just plaing awful.

The reason why I'm complaining so much is... are we really ready to present this as an Operating System to the masses? As Ubuntu we should be embracing a more easy look torwards our desktop. Right now, it looks like some basement nerd's pet project. Do you know why so many people hated Vista? Not only was it because of the awful security and the way it treats hardware, but the new look of it too. Microsoft went from nice subtle shades of blue and green with WindowsXP to harsh translucent blacks and light blues.

Now tell me, which one is more pleasing to your eye. The simple blues and greens? Or the translucent shades of black. I would have to say that the shades of greens are the more pleasing in my opinion, and I once read that the eye is more attracted to greens and blues than any other color. On the left there is serenity, while on the right there is technology. I'm all for technology, but would it be possible to combine the two? Even OpenSuSe understands the need of a peaceful green background combined with shades of blue. If Ubuntu wanted to go technological then they should be pointing people to crunchbang , which is completely techy nerdy. Ubuntu really needs to stop, and look at it's self. Are we an operating system for the basement nerds who don't get out? Or are we an operating system that even the most technologically inept person can be proud of. Now I know I can always just contribute to this and make my own theme. But you wouldn't want that... Trust me, you definantly wouldn't want that. As a 17 year old teenager, I understand a little about design choice and usability. In particular, I think OpenSuSe's Gilouche is a great theme. It's simple border and GTK makes it pleasing and fast. I understand that Brown is ubuntu's "thing" but with the new themes coming out, I think it's understandable that we take on a new color scheme. Preferably one that is not brown.

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