Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04

I've been extremely excited about the new Ubuntu coming out in April. Hardy Heron, and I think I should five it a test run. I downloaded Hardy Heron Alpha 5 disc from Ubuntu's website and burned it to CD. First thing I notice after burning: Wubi installer ( Looks like Ubuntu is catering to Window's users. Fortunately, I already run Ubuntu, so I have no need for Wubi. I reseted the computer and was greeted with a language selector. I chose English, then took a glance down the list of choices I had. Looks like they combined the alternative install choice with the live CD! Perfect for people like me who want to just go ahead and install without having to wait for the live CD to boot! Well, since I am just testing it out, I boot the live CD option. I wait a bit, and there is the new desktop. I have to say, the new background looks really slick!

I poke around a bit and find that Rhythmbox (my favorite music player) has gotten the Jamendo plugin to work! Really great because now I can download and listen to free music with Magnatune and Jamendo. I take a look at Firefox 3 Beta, and was simply amazed. It was beautiful! There was a lot of other changes too, such as the deskbar applet now has the option to stick to the panel, instead of coming in a full window (an old pet peeve of mine) and Tomboy has changed a bit too, they added a unfiled note section, which I don't understand because I don't know how that would be applicable. Alas, my bliss ended when I tried to open up F-Spot to see if anything changed, but on an old computer like this, it simply crashed. Though my first impressions of Hardy Heron is simply amazing! They are really stepping up to being the best choice for new linux users out there. Now with the new Wubi installer, I have no fear of giving an Ubuntu disc out to people, because they can try it out just like any piece of software and uninstall if they don't like it. No more having to show them how to partition, and no more scary thoughts of what they could do if they messed up! Good work Ubuntu! You guys are the best!

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