Thursday, June 19, 2008

Linux Games

Been playing many linux games lately while on vacation. I find that some of them are good, some of them, not so much. I enjoy First person shooters, and my only disappointment would have to be the quality of the graphics. I find that they all share the same graphics quality. Though in some cases, like Nexiuz, the graphics are improved, but have the same gameplay. The reason for this being that most of the stable/good fps games are based on quake 3. America's Army was another game that I played, but unfortunantly the game was very limiting, and didn't offer a deathmatch gameplay (you couldn't respawn after being killed). I would like to play call of duty 4, but I find that with WINE, gameplay is almost impossible. True Combat: Elite looks promising, but I couldn't get it installed. If there is any other games that offer a realistic gameplay like COD4.

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